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Thank you so much to Anna at Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic for saving our beautiful boy Seeka. A special thanks also to the lovely nurses who looked after Seeka when you were performing your magic. We are so grateful to still have him in our lives and appreciate how much was involved in keeping him alive.

Thankfully Seeka has recovered well, (I think lots of kisses helped) and went out to his favourite place, Waiuku Forest, this being his first outing since his surgery. Unfortunately, he still eats everything in sight and somewhere along the line his hearing has gone - although it seems to be selective!

Once again thank you so much.

Debbie & Simon Quick

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic at Manukau. Our wee Daschund “TORI” was very ill, she had spent the day at our regular vets and because she was deteriorating it was decided she needed to be at the A & E for the night. Her blood level was very low and there was a big chance she would need a blood transfusion, she was very weak.

Tori and our family were made to feel so welcome and they reassured us that they had her best interests at heart. We asked them to phone us during the night to update and this was done with no problem or hesitation. We felt Tori was given 100% care and the warmth shown to her was obvious.
Tori has now had a blood transfusion and is on a slow recovery programme. We are hoping she is back to her old self in the near future.

Once again a huge thank you for the wonderful and outstanding care we were all given from the Vets and helpers, we are so grateful.

Cherie Brice and family, Dannemora

"Our story begins on 10 July with our 7 year old Rottie, Jonah throwing up during the day and then foaming at the mouth in the evening. On further inspection we discovered his stomach was distended and we phoned our local vet only to be told to call After Hours, Manukau.

Fortunately for us, and Jonah, Kaye explained he would need immediate surgery as she suspected he had a twisted stomach (GDV). Jonah was operated on straight away, with his parents remaining somewhat shell-shocked, and Kaye phoning early the next morning to relay Jonah was out of surgery and in recovery.

After several days of excellent care, Jonah was getting better, but was not out of the wood yet. With wonderful follow-up texts from Kaye every couple of days, Jonah regained strength and found his appetite, all systems were returning to normal, what a relief! By the time he had his stitches removed 2 weeks later, you would never have known he had so closely cheated death; and as we later realised, not all dogs are so lucky.

We can't thank Kaye and all the girls at Manukau After Hours Veterinary Clinic enough for saving and caring for our Counties boy, and for all the kindness and on-going support we received"

Marg & Brian Day

We bought our Loki Boy in, on the morning of Friday March 2nd at 2.30am after he was run over.

The care we received that morning during that stressful and sad time was amazing and thank you for making it comfortable for him and us. Unfortunately he couldn’t be saved and the decision was made to let him go - so hard for us as he was a such a loved member of our family. He was my boy and was very spoilt. It was heart breaking to let him go but I understand why it had to happen. It was literally like losing a human family member.

We returned home that morning distraught – we let his companion Pretty Gurl sniff around him and just watched her sit by his box and look at him – as if she knew he was gone. We all stayed home from work and school that day and buried him in the garden by a rose bush.

Thank you to your team for the amazing care, dedication and the thoughtfulness shown to me, my husband Richard and our teenage daughters Kathleen & Dominique and especially to our Loki Boy

Glenda & Richard Fuli


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