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This advice does not substitute a proper consultation with a veterinarian and is intended only as a guide. We recommend you follow all advice as given by your veterinarian and contact them immediately with any concerns. You must follow medications as dispensed by your veterinary clinic and monitor your pet closely during their recovery period noting any changes and contacting your veterinary clinic as needed.


It is always helpful to phone us before arriving at the clinic (09) 277 8383 so that the veterinary team can prepare any emergency treatments to save time when you arrive and can assist you should you require help to carry your pet into the clinic


Emergencies normally happen when you least expect them and at the most inconvenient time. This advice is NOT a substitute for a proper consultation with a vet and is only intended as a guide


There are a wide variety of common emergencies that you may face with your pets, from food toxins to wounds. Read through this list to prepare yourself.

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