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It is really important that bandages/dressings are cared for correctly to prevent any problems or complications arising.

Important information

  1. The bandage/s must remain dry at all times.

  2. When taking your dog outside to toilet, you will need to cover the bandage to prevent it becoming wet or damaged. Cover the bandage with a plastic bag either held on with tape or tied loosely to keep it dry. It is very important to remove the plastic bag when coming back inside to prevent sweat and moisture building up. Cats must remain inside with a litter tray while they have a bandage in place.

  3. The bandage must not be licked or chewed; if you find this is happening a plastic Elizabethan collar can be purchased from a veterinary clinic to prevent them being able to do this. The collar will need to remain on at all times to ensure your dog cannot lick or chew the bandage. Whilst wearing the collar, your pet will still be able to eat and drink.

  4. Exercise will need to be restricted according to the veterinarian’s instructions. In most cases this will mean only going outside with a lead on for your dog to go to the toilet.

  5. If the bandage gets wet it will need to be removed and replaced; if this happens you will need to take your pet into your veterinary clinic immediately to prevent further wounds.

  6. If you notice any unpleasant smell, excessive soreness or any discharge from the bandage contact your veterinarian immediately as this could be a sign of infection.

This advice does not substitute a proper consultation with a veterinarian and is intended only as a guide. We recommend you follow all advice as given by your veterinarian and contact them immediately with any concerns. You must follow medications as dispensed by your veterinary clinic and monitor your pet closely during their recovery period noting any changes and contacting your veterinary clinic as needed.

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