Meet the Team


Practice Manager

Jedda Ford Jedda-918

Working as both Practice Manager and a Veterinary Nurse is time consuming and rewarding, with a passion for animals and a commitment to their welfare Jed thrives in this busy after hours Clinic.

She has a Jack Russell Cross, two Dachshunds and four cats at home as well as her energetic family. Outnumbered with her Welsh husband and four sons, Jed is always busy on the weekends with sports however she loves downtime with the kids, friends and contributing to her community wherever possible including frequent overseas volunteer trips to nurse underprivileged community animals.



Melissa Alley - BVSc Belgrade 1994, NZNVE 1998, MACVSc

Melissa gradudr-melissa-1-757-623ated as a veterinarian in 1994, becoming a Member of the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists by examination in Small Animal Internal Medicine in 2007 and has obtained her Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine with Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.

She has a special interest in small animal (cat and dog) medicine as well as soft tissue surgery and is committed to providing the highest quality, up-to-date veterinary care for your pets. Out of work Mel enjoys spending time with her family, tramping, going to the gym, travelling and socializing.



Mary-Ruth Doole - BVSc Massey 1988, BAgrSc (Hons)

Ever since Mary-Ruth was 7 years old, she was fascinated by animals, their health, breeding and management. By the age of 8, together with her sister, she had set up a guinea pig breeding programme and knew deep down that she wanted to be a Vet. Throughout her career as a professional veterinarian, she has enjoyed being in both farm and companion animal practices.

Owning a clinic in Parnell for nearly 10 years, Mary-Ruth has found emergency medicine to be both challenging and rewarding. She can be found on her farm in Awhitu tending to her small herd of pedigree Herefords, planting regenerating bush, training her German Shepherd rescue dogs and at film festivals.



Susan Crow - BVSc 1998 Massey Universityreceived 300687540540507-143

Having worked as both a farm and small animal vet over the years Susan has found the challenge of working in the after-hours emergency environment to be the most engaging for her. She says "It is a great satisfaction to be able to help pets and their owners when they most need it. Although we deal with many sad situations, the brave and lovely pets and people make it all worthwhile".

In her downtime Susan likes to be in or on the sea, or spending time with her lovely husband and their small dog. In addition, she is currently re-learning to ride horses again after a few years off - right now they are teaching her new levels of patience, fitness and humility!


Emma Oliveremma pic-479-612

Emma graduated from the University of Liverpool in 2013. Having had enough of the Great British weather, she moved to New Zealand shortly after completing her degree. Whilst based in Whakatane, the variety and challenge of after-hours and emergency work lures her up to Auckland. Emma is always looking to expand her knowledge and abilities, and enjoys the contrast of working in a rural day time clinic as well as a city after-hours clinic.

In her spare time, Emma enjoys riding her bike, swimming, baking, and walking her Springer Spaniel – Maisy.



Anna Worthington - BVSc Anna Jolly-460-805

Anna grew up in a Veterinary Dynasty. Her Dad was one of the legendary founding Professors on the Massey University Veterinary school, (and still there, albeit casually, at 86 years old), both her brothers are Veterinarians, and her Mum was a technician on staff for many years. So it was inevitable that she would also don the scrubs and follow suit.

She has found her niche in small animal medicine and, after a career hiatus to bring up her three kids, is thriving in the busy and stimulating environment of Emergency Medicine. Anna is always keen to upskill, going to Conferences, reading constantly, viewing Webinars, and asking management for New Kit! She loves her patients and is prepared to fight for the best of outcomes for them, and loves trying to help people help their loved pets.

When not at work, she is an Elder at St. Columba Presbyterian church where she has been an active part of the Leadership Team, and wastes time watching her Labradoodle Arliss engage in mortal combat with her young cat Mowgli. Oh and of course she is a 24/7 Domestic Slave, along with hubby Rob, to their 3 teenagers.



Sophie Dunn- BVSc Sophie-928

Sophie graduated as a vet from Massey University in 2015. Originally from Dunedin, she now lives in Te Aroha and works full time there as a mixed animal vet - working with both farm and small animals. She loves the excitement and variety of cases she gets to see working at Manukau After Hours and is keen to provide a high standard of care to each patient.

Outside of work, Sophie can either be found in the gym or enjoying the outdoors, exploring new places around the country.


Kylie Kim - BVSc Kylie Kim-510-448-938

Kylie graduated from Massey university in 2013 and worked in a clinic for 2 years before embarking on a 2 year trip to the UK. She worked in many different clinics across the country and also travelled extensively through Europe.

Kylie loves helping people and animals in need! Working at an emergency clinic provides a very challenging and rewarding environment for her, so she enjoys being at MAHVC.

In her spare time, Kylie enjoys getting out and about, appreciating nature, and spending some down time doing yoga and soul searching.



Milan Knezevic- MVDr, MRCVS, BSAVA PGCert SAM

Since graduating in 1997, Milan IMG 20180516 103524-871-425-462-213has had an exciting history working as a small animal vet in various countries across the world. He has worked in Hong Kong SPCA, neuter clinics in Micronesia and busy referral hospitals of Dallas and London. Most recently, Milan ran a clinic in the UK before returning back to New Zealand.

Milan enjoys working together with clients to achieve the best possible outcome for their pets wellbeing. He holds a post graduate certificate in small animal medicine at Nottingham University, and his special interests include small animal medicine and soft tissue surgery.

In his spare time, you can find Milan travelling, learning new languages and sport activities. An interesting fact about Milan; he was involved in saving National Park Skadar in Montenegro from damaging construction development.



Itsuki Mueller

Itsuki graduatIMG 4867-532-410-420ed from veterinary school in Osaka, Japan (BVSc) in 2005. After some work and life experience, she went on to post-graduate education as well as working as a part-time clinician, and finally obtained her PhD in Veterinary Science in 2011. After Several years of experience working as a full time vet in Japan, she successfully obtained the North American Veterinary Certificate in 2014. She and her family then moved to NZ to enjoy the rural life in south Auckland.

Outside of work she enjoys her time being saturated and nature and spending time with her elderly whippet and young toddler.



Jennifer Tseng

A cliche for the majority working in the industry, Jennifer has wanted to be ajennt-584-55 vet for as long as she can remember. She graduated as a vet from Massey University in 2017, but has been observing surgeries and "helping out" in clinics since she was a toddler. Prior to moving to Auckland in 2004, her father owned a busy small animal practice in Taiwan. Jennifer now works full-time at a busy practice in Auckland during the day time, but enjoys managing the variety of cases seen at Manukau After Hours on her weekends off. 
When she isn't working, Jenn can be found spending quality time with the three dogs and four cats she lives with (she can't stop rescuing...). Her elderly whippet is also part of Canine Friends Pet Therapy, and they can be found visiting rest homes. In her free time Jenn enjoys gardening, hiking, redecorating and experimenting with homemade recipes for skincare and home-cleaning products. 



Asha Reddy

Asha was a 2000 graduate of Melbou68F453A8-6022-428B-AECC-BA6618339EDA-363-461-519-444rne University Vet School. She went back to her home country Fiji, where she spent a year as a government veterinarian doing mixed practice and then was employed as the first local vet for the SPCA in Suva. She later opened the first private veterinary clinic in Fiji which she ran for 10 years before deciding to relocate her family and animals to Auckland. 

Asha loves surgery and would happily spend her day in surgical scrubs. Her shifts at MAHVC reminds her of her time as a sole practitioner and she enjoys the challenge of emergency work.

Away from the vet clinic , Asha is busy looking after a family of five, her 10 year old German Shepherd and a 7 year old Ragdoll. She enjoys a scenic half marathon and is aiming to master paddle boarding this summer



Max Clout- BVSc

Max graduated from Massey University in 2015. He is currently a mixed animal vet working full time in the Bay of Plenty and enjoys the variety that this role offers. As much as he loves getting out onto the farm and getting his hands dirty, Max is focusing on the smaller animals, and is currently completing his Master's degree in companion animal surgery.

In his spare time, Max enjoys a raft of sports including squash, tennis, snowboarding, running, cycling, netball, rugby and adventure sports. 



Lizzy Linley

Lizzy graduated from the Royal Veterinary School in London. She moved out to New Zealand in 2018 and works full time as a mixed vet in the rural Waikato.

She is passionate about veterinary emergency critical care and loves surgery.

Outside of work she loves travelling, her weekends, when not working, are filled with trips to new places with her favourite people. Exploring the world has become quite an expensive habit!



Kerri Heard

Kerri graduated from the University of Glasgow in 2014, she then spent her first three years of clinical practice working as a mixed rural vet in the UK. Her passion for surfing and travelling then lead her to explore overseas. For two years she spent her time combining work and travel around the coast of Australia, after which she hopped across to New Zealand.

With a keen interest in emergency medicine Kerri enjoys working as part of a team to work up critical care patients. Her key interest is in soft tissue surgery, but also loves the diagnostic work up of medicine cases.

Another area Kerri is passionate about is veterinary charity work , applying her skills to animals that need it the most. She has spent 8 months volunteering in Sri Lanka with WECare Worldwide, a veterinary charity providing emergency aid, preventative medicine, and rehabilitation to the street dog population. This remains as some of the most rewarding work she has ever done.

In her spare time you mostly find her on the coast - surfing or fishing!


Head Veterinary Nurse

Charlotte Castle

Charlotte studied at Vet Nurse Plus and ho20180526 063024-510-949lds her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. She enjoys the variety and fast pace of emergency nursing, and working with such a supportive and caring team.

She volunteers for NZ Animal Evac and is working her way through the training to be part of the field deployment team, NZ’s only animal evacuation charity.

She was raised on a dairy farm in Hunua and currently has 3 cats at home.

Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, her energetic son, adding to her forest of house plants, going op-shopping, and 50s pin up fashion.


Veterinary Nurse

Anthony Gonzaga

Anthony earned his danthonygonozoga-840-15-478egree in Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in the Philippines in 200. After graduation, he worked as a technician in the Intensive Care Unit at Peace Avenue Veterinary Clinic and Pet Elements in Hong Kong for almost 5 years.

2018 he moved to New Zealand to take up Veterinary Nursing at the Southern Institute of Technology in Invercargill. While studying, he worked as a weekend supervisor at SPCA (Invercargill), then eventually was hired as an Animal Care Team Manager right after graduation.

But because of his passion and love for “adrenaline rush”- type of job, he moved from down South to Auckland to join MAHVC. Anthony’s mantra from Confucius “Choose a job that you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Hobbies are doing 4x4 outdoors and Camping,  playing Airsoft Game (Military Simulation Games)


Veterinary Nurse

Rachael Turner

Rachael is an experienced vet nurse who has been working in the industry for over 16 years. IMG 0128-786-977-690
Rachael lives locally with her husband and daughters, she has worked in several clinics around South Auckland as well as vet nursing in Perth and Melbourne for 3 years. 
Rachael's passion has always been animals and educating owners on how to take care of them.

When Rachael is not working you will find her racing around after her two daughters and husband.


Veterinary Nurse

Liria van Wijk
Liria is a recent addition to the team. She grew up in a small coastal town in Namibia and always wanted to pursue a career in animals care. She studies in South Africa and then worked in veterinary laboratories for about 10 years. Recently she moved to Auckland where she obtained her diploma in Veterinary Nursing at Unitec.

Outside of work, she enjoys going tramping and the occasional horse ride. Having drinks with friends and road trips. She shares a home with her sister and cat, Storm.


Veterinary Nurse

Nicole Naidu

Nicole is a qualified Veterinary Nurse, Nicole Naidu 1-391-740-371completing her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing through Unitec in 2010. She also has a Bachelor of Applied Science majoring in Animal Management and Welfare.

She loves working with animals and has worked with both large and small animals however, small animals are definitely her passion and she's always willing to give pats and cuddles!


Veterinary Nurse

Jec Foeken

Jec is a Veterinary Nurse with 2jec-969-413-777-9110 years experience with small animals, wildlife and exotics. She undertook her training in her home town of Sydney, Australia, and has worked in Sydney, London and Auckland. Jec is a recent addition to the MAHVC team.

In her spare time Jec enjoys spending time with her fiance and two kids, walking her dog, reading and watching horror movies. 


Veterinary Nurse

Kritika Gopal

Kritika joined MAHVC last year anMAHVC-872-210-570d is currently studying towards her Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. She also has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Biological Sciences and Physiology.
She has a passion for animals, especially for her cat Tony, and a keen interest in emergency medicine.
Kritika also works for SPCA Auckland, and is very active in her community as a volunteer ambulance officer for St John.
In her spare time, Kritika enjoys cooking (and eating!), reading, travelling, and dressing Tony up in costumes.


Veterinary Nurse

Daniela AffolterDaniela & Ollie (4

Daniela was born and raised in Switzerland, immigrating to New Zealand in 1995. She graduated from Unitec as a Vet Nurse in 1999, and over 12 years has worked at an After Hours Veterinary Clinic as well as a Practice Manager and Head Vet Nurse at a clinic with a special interest in Avian and Exotic animals. Daniela has recently returned to Vet Nursing after pursuing other career paths for a while. She is happy to be back, as there simply is no better work environment than looking after the well-being of animals. Daniela is currently also studying at University towards becoming a Psychotherapist. When she is not working or studying, she enjoys creating in the kitchen with her Thermomix, or simply taking time out with her dog and two cats.


Veterinary Nurse

Katy Tylakaty lodge-675-919-732

Katy joined our team over a decade ago after moving from the UK.
Katy has an extreme passion for the fast pace & challenges that emergency medicine involves and has experienced and seen all manner of cases over the years.

Katy also has a real interest in all the small fluffy pets & birds and loves to teach people how to care and treat them. She is also a maths geek so looks after the clinic accounts too.

Out of work Katy is kept busy with her two young sons, crafting and a menagerie of her own pets. She loves the beach and ocean & is currently teaching her sons to ocean kayak.



Barbara Stretton
Barbara has recently joined the team as the Accounts Person and has had considerable and varied experience across several industry sectors prior to joining us at MAHVC.

Having grown up on a dairy farm in South Taranaki, Barb has always had animals in her life. She currently has a Golden Retriever, Maltese Cross, Samoyed, and a Ragdoll cat, residing with her.

Outside of work Barb enjoys travelling, pilates, bridge, cooking, hiking, catching up with friends and family, and especially loves spending time with her grandson. She has got several more of NZ’s great walks to tick off her bucket list as well.